Pick a Website Plan
& Sign up

Once you have identified the plan that best suits your needs, simply enter your payment information and proceed to sign up for a new account with us. Our user-friendly interface will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience.

After completing the sign-up process, you can expect to receive a couple of emails confirming the details of your new website order. These emails will serve as a confirmation of your successful registration and provide you with any additional information you may need.

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Choose a Template
& Fill a brief questionnaire

To start, let's explore some website templates that align with your business requirements. There are various templates available to choose from our templates repository.

Once we have selected a suitable template, We'll guide you through a brief questionnaire to gather the necessary information about your business. This will help us create a website that reflects your brand identity, appeals to your target audience, and effectively communicates your products or services.

We Design
Your New Website

At Purple, we understand that a personalized and unique website is crucial for your online presence. With our services, we go beyond simply providing templates - we take your selected template and transform it into a website that truly reflects your brand identity.

Our team of expert designers will work closely with you to customize every aspect of your website. This includes creating new graphics, updating elements, and adjusting colors to ensure that the final result aligns perfectly with your vision. We believe in giving you full control over the customization process, so whatever changes you desire, we are here to make them happen.

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