Traditional Marketing Vs Entrepreneurial Marketing

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The marketing process is indeed a very crucial step towards business success. Most entrepreneurs strive to build the best product ever. But they ignore marketing this product and spreading the word about it. In this article, we’re comparing traditional marketing vs entrepreneurial marketing

Ignoring the marketing process may lead to business failure. That’s true! So entrepreneurs should think about marketing as much as they think about building the product itself.

Some other business owners do market their business. But they do it the traditional method that used to work years ago. That’s not going to work to and the entrepreneurial marketing process is indeed needed.

In this article, we’re comparing entrepreneurial marketing Vs traditional marketing. We’re discussing the main principles and how to advance your marketing career for businesses.

Traditional Marketing Vs Entrepreneurial Marketing:

We’re discussing both methods in a variety of different concepts. For example, defining the market needs before building a product is the main principle for traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing starts with targetting and segmentation. The entrepreneurial way starts with a creative idea and then trying to find a market for it. So both are completely different approaches for the overall business setup and company’s identity.

Personal selling and direct contact are key features of entrepreneurial marketing. Unlike the traditional way, entrepreneurial marketing works the whole opposite way.

Let’s head over to the main comparison below:

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing basically means relying on every strategy and activity to meet the customer’s needs. The need here is the main objective this marketing technique is spinning around.

Before the product development, It all starts with designing the product that meets the customer’s requirements. This creates no place for any creative or a new idea without first studying the market needs.

Traditional marketing has four principles working together; product, price, place, and promotion. On the other side, entrepreneurial marketing is based more on contacting and reaching out personally for feedback.

Entrepreneurial Marketing

This way is a bit proactive. It is based more on discovering ways and ideas to connecting with customers. Instead of focusing on the selling transaction, It allows you to co-work with your customer for the best results.

It’s not a marketing method! Instead, it’s a lifestyle and business concept. You’re basically co-produce your product with the customer and co-work for the best outcome.

For that, customer service is very very important to maintain the client’s satisfaction. Entrepreneurial marketing is focusing more on innovation and taking risks.

Entrepreneurial Benefits:

Among the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, there is a common practice to just ignore the traditional marketing concepts and 4 Ps. Those are more concerned about operational issues and communication.

Entrepreneurs are using a completely different marketing concept. They’re using flexible terms in order to offer the best long-term value for their customers.


The comparison is clear now between traditional marketing vs entrepreneurial marketing. In today’s world, most websites and mobile applications are based on entrepreneurial marketing techniques.

First, they find a creative idea and then they work on defining a market for it. That was all about traditional marketing vs entrepreneurial marketing. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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